Maddy + Jack

Passion. Adventure. Undeniable.

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Jack and Maddy were the most giving, fun, joyful hosts during my weekend trip to Salt Lake City for their engagement photos! We took a few fun warm-up shots on a hike out at Antelope Island and then headed over to the Salt Flats about 3 hours away.

A bit on the Salt Flats...

  • The flats are located in Western Utah & easy to access from I-80 between SLC and Wendover, NV
  • The flats formed as glacial Lake Bonneville evaporated, leaving behind salt deposits
  • The flats are coated in a layer of water from November to May, so if you want dry flats go in the summer, but keep in mind it'll be hot!

When we went, we were driving through storm clouds which made for some beautiful, natural lighting. The flats were damp and a bit chilly, but we bumped up the energy with some music, drinks, & lots of laughs!

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The Importance of Photographer Matching

I've written about the importance of complementarity with your spouse in blogs, but what about your photographer? Photography as an art form means that every photographer has a style of working with clients, shooting, and editing.

Something I appreciated about Maddy was that she was intentional about "photographer matching." She called me early on and we discussed my work style & photography style. It was only after we discerned that our styles matched that she committed to working with me.

Remember: Your photographer's goal ought to be to tell the story of your love. That means that your photographer should be able to see your love in the same way you do. If that means it's warm or soft in tone, goofy and bright, candid or more classically posed. Don't just hop on the first photographer you see; shop around and find the one that truly fits you.

How to Choose a Photographer

A few ways that I help my client discern whether or not I'm the right photographer for their wedding are by first, scheduling a phone call. You both want to be excited about working together and be able to have a fun, free-flowing conversation! I want to be as accessible as possible to my clients - so I will be sure they have my number and email and provide as much information as possible about what it looks like to work with me on the first phone call!

Second, I send them a questionnaire to fill out separately. This includes questions about inside jokes, music, style, and more to help me get to know the couple, their story, and their dynamic. Based on this questionnaire, I design their couples prompts and photoshoot to tell their story specifically.

If possible, I plan an in-person coffee date to meet the couple or we do a photoshoot or engagement session to get comfortable!

I request that the bride send me any and all inspo that she comes across! Whether that's texting me a wedding blog or sending random Instagram photos, I am (obviously) very visual, haha! I love to see what you're excited about!

Maddy was amazing to work with because she jumped on all of these things with enthusiasm - I think we have very similar styles when it comes to candid, joyful, classy photography, and so we would send inspiration back and forth up until her wedding week! She was not hesitant to ask questions, and we planned a fun shoot before her wedding day to get used to working together!

Overall, choose your wedding photographer. Don't default to someone. Find a person who sees your vision, is excited about your love, and makes everything feel effortless. You should be excited to work with your photographer and comfortable asking them any questions!

Interested in working together?!

The Wedding Day

Morning of...

Before we get into the wedding day of... I want to say a quick shoutout for the bridal party at Maddy & Jack's wedding!

It was such a testament to the character of these two that their friends came to Greenville early, celebrated hard, & help set up everything!


01 / 06


fun fact: the father-daughter first look is one of my favorite moments of the wedding day... :)

The Ceremony

Our Lady of the Rosary, Catholic Church / Greenville, SC


It's become one of my go-to suggestions for couples to get a party bus or trolley after the wedding for the bridal party!

Maddy & Jack had a party trolley that took everyone down to Falls Park for group photos and drinks. We had set aside a good window of time between the ceremony and reception - about 3 hours.

Why I recommend a large window of time between the wedding & reception...

  1. Time to decompress: The bride and groom get more time to decompress before reception (which is usually crazy!). Ideally, they get some one-on-one time during this window of time! I try my best to make this happen during couples photos.
  2. Better Group Photos: Group photos are the most involved portion of the day for the photographer. It always takes longer than you expect. If your photographer has more time here, then you get more fun/funny photos with your friends!
  3. Bride and Groom can take a break: Because of this break between ceremony and reception, Maddy, Jack, & I were able to grab drinks and take a breather before doing their couples photos. The couple can also go with the bridal party to hit up a favorite restaurant or bar, take shots with the maid of honor/best man, or go for walk in the park with some games!

Moral of the story: get the party bus & give yourself plenty of time!

Couples Photos

The Grand Bohemian, Downtown Greenville SC


Lawn games, live music from Crosby & Ellender, crazy hats, and lots of dancing! It felt like the toasts and dances flew by; Maddy & Jack's wedding was an intimate size (less than 100) and everyone joined in dancing and taking polaroids for the newlyweds to put in their guestbook!

An outfit change later, a sparkler send off for the new Mr. & Mrs. Downie!

Vendors & Information

(Photography) Emma Savoie Photography -

(Music) Crosby & Ellender -