What is a shot list?

As a wedding photographer, I have a pretty good idea of what shots people usually want for their wedding, but a shot list gives the bride and groom the opportunity to list out any and all photos they especially want from their wedding day.

When people are unsure where to begin, I usually ask "what are the must-haves?" When you look back at your wedding day, what photos spring to mind? Do you really want to have a photo of the bouquet toss? The vows? Mom zipping up the dress?

Or, are there any particular traditions that your family does? I've had couples who mention that they do a secret toast with direct family right after the wedding or really want photos in silly hats!

Letting your photographer know these key shots beforehand helps them to build the wedding day in their mind and makes sure they won't miss these key moments! Especially if your wedding day schedule has some traditions slightly out of the ordinary!

Building your Shot List

(these are recommendations! Feel free to customize!)

Building your Shot List

(these are recommendations! Feel free to customize!)


  1. Wedding details (rings, jewelry, shoes, invitation, bouquet, boutonnieres)
  2. Wedding dress
  3. Brunch with bridesmaids
  4. Bridesmaids in robes
  5. Bridesmaids in dresses
  6. Some fun candids of us all getting ready!
  7. Morning of "toast"
  8. Bride getting hair and makeup done
  9. Mom helping bride into dress
  10. Best man and groom
  11. Groomsmen getting ready
  12. First looks!


  1. Venue
  2. Parents walking in/being seated
  3. Bride walking in
  4. Groom's reaction
  5. Vows
  6. Exchanging of rings
  7. Candids throughout
  8. First kiss as a married couple
  9. Marriage certificate
  10. Any key moments of the mass or ceremony you want to mention!

Family/Group Shots

I typically ask the bride and groom to send a complete list of their family shots WITH everyone's names. That helps me keep family photos efficient!

  1. Family photo list
  2. Bridesmaids with bride
  3. Individual shots of each bridesmaid with bride
  4. Groomsmen with groom
  5. Individual shots of each groomsmen with groom
  6. Bride and groomsmen
  7. Groom and bridesmaids


  1. Entrances!
  2. Toasts
  3. First dances
  4. Cake cutting
  5. Bouquet toss
  6. Garter toss (if you're doing it)
  7. The band
  8. Cocktail hour details
  9. Fun exit!
  10. Anything else you can think of!

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