What three words do you want to define your year?

Back at the start of 2021, instead of making a bunch of New Years resolutions, I decided to focus on three key words. (I got the idea from @acatholicharvester & I would highly recommend!)

based on those three words, here are a few nuggets I’ve learned so far this year!

  1. [gratitude] - the root of gratitude is awareness of what you have. Plan ahead, but try not to set so many expectations. Expectations are the root of disappointment. Instead, be grateful & hopeful.

  1. [fortitude] - Plato said that the worst thing that can happen to us is to have a lie in our souls, especially about ourselves. Fortitude is self discipline, which is based on self awareness. We have to know ourselves in order to habitually seek improvement.

  1. [servitude] - college is such a unique time where you focus on what you want & how to improve yourself. But it’s dangerous when that undermines our duty to serve. we are here on earth to love others as Jesus would. I want this to be a priority in my life, even during college.

So even if it’s March and halfway through Lent… it’s never too late to start. Sit down in adoration, & ask God what you should be working on this year. He will give you the words.