Walkthrough of my digital visionboard!

So instead of printing out photos, I decided to create a collage (thanks, Canva!) for my computer background! 10/10 recommend!

Top right - my hometown, lovely Santa Rosa Beach, FL. I’ll admit, that sunset is already stuck in my mind, but I love seeing it every time I open my laptop!

We got a surfer because I want to go on a few surf trips this year!

The three words in the middle: servitude, gratitude, & fortitude are my three words for the year that I am focusing on.

CONTRARY to popular opinion when I posted this on my story - the bottom photo is not my goal for a steamy romance XD It’s actually a photo by @evierupp who is one of my favorite photographers/business women for inspiration! It’s modeling the style of shoot I want to do more of this year!

Bible/devotional time takes center page; a reminder to do a devotion every morning and spend some time in daily adoration.

Next we have a runner/swimmer combo to remind me to stay on top of triathlon training! The quote gets me every time: “I workout because I think my great personality could use a banging body!” While that’s not 100% the reason why I work out, I like that it keeps in perspective that working out is not an end of itself but a means to live a better life and grow in virtue & self discipline.

Got some reading on the bottom left: as a history and politics double major I have A LOT of reading, & sometimes I don’t get to all of it! Right now I’m working on getting on top of all of it, because I love my classes wayyy more when I can engage based on the reading. Plus, it’s fascinating!

I love the quote at the top: just a good reminder for someone like me who tends to be impulsive ;) The other quote on my board - "You don't have to post content to be content" reminds me how more and more that our online presence is so much less important than our real life presence and how we interact with those around us. Gotta keep that perspective!

Hope you enjoyed checking out my vision board! I would love to hear if you have any ideas/thoughts/or comments... feel free to share!